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A scream echoed out through the streets of the First National Bank in Bellwood. A pudgy man with a big blue nose, white face, yellow eyes, and a top hat was giving an evil laugh as he stuffed money into the bags.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, I have to thank you…for a very delicious and economical meal!” The evil clown laughed with a wheezing voice.

“Zombozo, you aren’t going to run out without tipping are you?” A voice said from behind the twisted man. He turned around and gave a snarl. There were three teenagers standing between him and the exit.

“I mean, I know we didn’t show up to kick your butt in a timely manner, but you can’t just walk out.” One of them said. He had neck length shaggy brown hair, a black t-shirt with a white line along the collar and down the front, brown cargo pants, and white and black tennis shoes.

“Think you carried on that joke a bit too long Ben.” The only girl out of the three commented. She had deep red hair and green eyes, a red shirt over a black undershirt, a black skirt, leggings and flats.

“Worse part was it wasn’t even that funny.” The third of the group said. He seemed to be a year older than the other two dressed in a black hoodie with the sleeves ripped off over a grey sweat shirt, jeans and boots.

“I know funny. And that wasn’t, but this is!” Zombozo said firing out his one fist on a spring-like device. The group of teenagers scattered to avoid the spring loaded punch.

“Alright Zombozo, let’s do this!” Ben yelled out dialing up a familiar face before slamming down. In a flash, the human Ben Tennyson disappeared. And his place was a large red alien with four arms, a white muscle shirt with a black strip running down its front, and black pants. “FOURARMS!” The quad-handed alien span on his heels, his fists coming at Zombozo with extreme force. The evil clown only had time gulp before the fist sent him hurling into the back wall.

“Hey, save some for me Tennyson!” Kevin said placing his hands on the floor, the stone creeping up to cover him. Now armored up he ran forward to deliver another series of blows against the clown, but his charge was cut off by a seltzer spray.

“Drink up! This stuff is great if you have an addiction to breathing!” Zombozo laughed out before a stream of pink came out to grab the bottle and pull it from his grasp. “Hey! That’s hardly fair!”

“Less concerned about fair than I am about beating you.” Gwen said tossing aside the seltzer full of something dangerous.

“Hey don’t forget about me!” Fourarms said rushing Zombozo with a powerful shoulder tackle sending him hurling through the other wall and into the street.

“Well I hate to eat and run, but I ate, and now I’m running!” Zombozo laughed at his own lame joke before producing springs from his shoes and beginning to bounce away.

“Kevin, you thinking what I’m thinking?” Fourarms asked.

“You know it.” Kevin said dispersing the stone armor around him before touching a car to coat himself in the same steel of the car. Meanwhile the large red alien hit the omnitrix symbol on his chest, disappearing in a green flash. When the flash cleared, he stood as an alien with a floating metallic heat held between two arching shoulders.

“LODESTAR” The magnetic alien shouted out. Lodestar then let out a magnetic pull against his friend. Once Kevin felt himself lifted into the air, he curled into a ball and was hurled through the air. Zombozo turned around and gasped as a metal clad teenager was hurling through the air right on top of him.

“You aren’t getting away that easily Zombozo.” Kevin said keeping the clown pinned under him.

“You’re right, I’m getting away even easier!” Zombozo said pulling a cord connected to his flower causing the same goo that pinned Kevin down once before and tossing him off the clown.

“How much of this stuff do you have?” Kevin asked annoyed.

“More than enough!” Zombozo responded his arms stretching on springs again, allowing him to drag himself up a nearby building.

“Gwen, give us a way up?” Lodestar asked.

“Already on it.” She said, platforms of mana forming a stair case as the three ran up them. Before Zombozo had a chance to make a leap for another building, Lodestar created a magnetic pull to rip off a few of the nearby antennas and hurled them each at the evil monster clown. The flying metal pushed him off the roof and down onto the street.

“I know there’s nothing good on TV, but there’s still better use for those.” Zombozo stated rubbing his head before two cars came flying at him to pin him in place.

“That’s why I used those.” Lodestar retorted. Seeing that Zombozo couldn’t trick or scare his way out of this one, Gwen was the first with her plumber badge out.

“We got a pick up. Just a single crazy clown.” Gwen said. “They’ll be here in no time.”

“Alright, you know what that means!” Ben said happily. Before too long, the trio was at their favorite hangout, the smoothie place known only as Mr. Smoothie. But despite having just kicked the butt of an old foe, and the triple banana and pickle smoothie in Ben’s hands, the hero seemed depressed.

“What’s wrong Ben?” Gwen asked.

“It have anything to do with that blender disaster in a cup  you’re drinking?” Kevin joked earing a stab in the ribs from his girlfriend’s elbow.

“It’s just…don’t you think things have been a bit too easy?” Ben asked

“What do you mean?” Gwen asked.

“Ever since Diagon, it’s just been too easy.” Ben explained, “Zombozo, the circus trio, even Animo. Just doesn’t feel as much of the challenge as it once was.”

“So what, you miss the pyscho alien warlord trying to murder us and enslave the world?”

“Well not THAT specifically.” Ben responded. “Just I miss the challenge of it. You do have to admit, compared to Vilgax, the guys we have in our own backyards aren’t really as tough.”

“Hey, enjoy the down time. That’s all I can say.” Kevin said.

“Guess you’re right, just it would be nice to have a bit more excitement.” Little did the male Tennyson know, his wish was about to come true.

Galvan Prime…

Azmuth was looking threw his microscope. He wasn’t even phased by an explosion blowing a door in as a Mechamorph walked in.

“You know that door opens right?” Azmuth asked.

“Not if you’re an uninvited guest.” The Mechamorph said.

“Yes, that’s so that people get the idea to leave me alone.”

“Well I don’t really have the option of doing that.” The Mechamorph said, “My name is Hackah, a lieutenant under the service of Argoth, Slayer of three star systems.”

“Unless I’m mistaken, and I am rarely mistaken, Argoth was captured by the Plumbers and is currently held inside a maximum security prison inside the Null Void.”

“Was wise one. Was.” Hackah corrected. “Needless to say, the prison has seen better days. But that containment armor he was forced to wear survived his escape. That’s where you come in.”

“Ha! Even I can’t break open that armor once it’s been sealed. No one in the galaxy can!”

“We don’t need you to open it.” Hackah said towering over the Galvan, “We know about your invention, the Omnitrix, we want you to replicate it. With a few…improvements.”

“I think it best you leave now.” Azmuth said, his eyes narrowing, “I would never recreate the Omnitrix, let alone for someone like Argoth.”

“You really want to just refuse? Well then, tell that to his face.” The Galvan Mechamorph threw himself on the ground and formed a holographic relay station. The station whirred to life. An armored figure appeared. He was covered head to toe in metal hiding the alien underneath. The armor itself was several pieces of high power alloy held together with a solid mask of the face. Computers inside it made sure that the inmate was kept alive. But it allowed no use of powers.

“So, you must be Argoth. Have to say, far less impressive than I thought you’d be.”

“You know full well this containment suit is to blame.” The hologram retorted, “But if you’re communicating with me like this, it must mean you refuse to build an omnitrix for me.”

“That’s right. I will never build something like that for the hands of people like you.”

“I was thinking you’d say something like that.” The prisoner said. He held up his hand and a small cage appeared in it. Inside it, a female Galvan. She had a white gown with a black strip down the front.

“Zennith!” Azmuth said shocked that he had her.

“Azmuth! Don’t do what he says!” Zennith said before the cage began to glow, bolts of electricity shooting from it to her.

“Let her go!”

“When you build the Omnitrix for me I will!”

“Don’t do it, I’m just one life. If you give him an Omnitrix so many planets will lose all forms of life!” Once again, the cage acted like a cattle prod and electrified the female Galvan.

“Last time I’ll ask.” Argoth said, “Make me an omnitrix. Or she dies.”

“Please Azmuth. Don’t do it. Think of all the lives that will be lost if you do it.” Azmuth began to sweat. Despite being so smart, all he could do was make the emotional decision.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Azmuth said, “Just…let her go.”

“I’ll let her go when it’s done. Now, there is one very important thing I need it to do.”

The clock ticked away as Azmuth worked to duplicate his invention meant to foster peace. Only this time it was being built to be a weapon. He tried to slow down the process by any means necessary. By the time it was done, it resembled the cheap knock off the Ultimatrix but black in color with white strips running down it.

“So, is it done?” Hackah asked, once again back in his standard form.

“I just have to test one last feature.” Azmuth said finishing a bit of wiring.

“For your sake, it better be a crucial feature.” Hackah said, “We wanted this done a while ago.”

“You can’t rush this kind of work. And don’t worry, it’s very, VERY crucial.” Azmuth said before grinning. “All the more reason you shouldn’t have let me build it.” He stomped on an area of the new Omnitrix, and the face on it turned blue. Before Hackah could do anything to stop it, the Omnitrix and Azmuth teleported away. Hackah converted part of his body into a communicator.

“We have a problem. The creator fled.” Hackah said before information came to him directly. “Yes, I can trace him. Affirmative sir. I’ll reprogram a few of his teleporters and go after him. But no doubt he’ll reconfigure them. This will be a onetime shot. Understood. I’ll do it now.”


Kevin, Gwen, and Ben had returned from their trip to Mr. Smoothie, and where ready to each retreat to their individual lives.

“So, Ben, you think that an average day of schoolwork won’t be too boring for you?” Kevin joked bringing up the earlier topic.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Ben said, “Hey, try not to get in trouble for a bit while me and Gwen deal with our homework.”

“I think I can keep out of trouble for an hour or so.” Kevin said. A powerful blue flash filled the air as Azmuth  and the replicated Omnitrix appeared.

“Azmuth what are you doing here?” Ben asked, “And…is that another Omnitrix?”

“Yes, in a sense it is another Omnitrix. But a different vein of Omnitrix. I had to make it to keep someone very important to me safe.” Azmuth said, “Now, I came here because Ben, if anyone has a chance of keeping it safe from them. It would be you. But they’ll no doubt come soon.”

“Who, how would they be coming soon?” The conversation wasn’t able to go any further than that moment as a teleportation flash appeared and the Mechamorph Hackah was there.

“That would be the ‘who’ in question.” Azmuth said. “Claims to be in servitude to Argoth.”

“Yeah right. Argoth got busted the second he stepped into Plumber turf.” Kevin said.

“Seems news carries slowly amongst your organization.” Hackah said, “Yes, Argoth is free. And he demands the Omnitrix creator. And the creation.”

“You think we’re letting you lay one finger on him?” Ben asked.

“You don’t really have a choice in the  matter.” Hackah said. “Now, step aside, or I’ll have to use force.”

“Azmuth, run, find somewhere safe to hide while we deal with this guy.” Ben said.

“Normally I wouldn’t run from a lowlife such as this, but yes, probably the best choice for now.” Azmuth said, “Sadly I wouldn’t be able to get to far away. My teleport channels would lock themselves down once he made use of them.”

“Then just try to keep back.” Gwen said creating mana spheres around her hands.

“Fine, you fools want to fight. Then we’ll fight.” Hackah said, “Battle mode engaged.” The Mechamorph compressed himself into a ball form before beginning to grow. He formed into a tank-like torso with thick legs, two powerful arms, and a large minigun off one shoulder.

“Big deal.” Ben said, “Used to play fetch with a Mechamorph who could do that. Let’s see if Humungousaur can’t pound some sense into you.” Ben slammed down on the omnitrix. When the light cleared, Ben blinked, with all four of his green eyes. His body was now a blue slender monkey with six arms and two legs. He had a full body outfit with black sides and a white chest and stomach. The upper two arms had white sleeves and the lower pair of arms and legs had black. “Spidermonkey? Man, Azmuth, this thing hates me!”

“Any issue with it comes from you, not my Omnitrix!” Azmuth retorted.

“An arachnochimp? Against me?” Hackah mocked, “Maybe in my standard form, but against Battle Mode. You just signed your own death warrant!” The battle mode Mechamorph raised a foot over Spidermonkey who responded with scared chimp howls. Luckily a pink shield raised itself around the alien, barely surviving the attack but giving him a chance to escape as the second stomp tore through the shield.

“Thanks for the assist Gwen.” Spidermonkey responded.

“No problem.” Gwen said tossing a few orbs of mana at the Mechamorph, only for them to burst harmlessly against the living metal, “So, how about tossing a return my way?”

“I can try, but not too sure this guy can help.” Spidermonkey said jumping into the fight. Kevin absorbed the steel off his car and charged Hackah. Meanwhile Spidermonkey jumped into the air and fired a line of webbing at the Mechamorph.

“Is that all you got?” Hackah taunted swiping Kevin away and opening fire with the shoulder mounted minigun to force Ben into using his web to fall back.

“Kevin, Gwen, try to draw his fire. I have a plan.” Spidermonkey said.

“Got it/we’re on it.” Kevin and Gwen both responded. Kevin grabbing a manhole cover to use as a weapon with Gwen providing mana shield cover. Spidermonkey used the power lines to get behind him, spraying webbing all across him to gum up his weapons.

“Ha! Not so tough now are you?” Spidermonkey taunted.

“Don’t forget, I have every weapon I ever merged with. Not just what I have shown.” Hackah said, “For example, do you know what a Nerutech Energy Blaster is?”


“Then let me explain. It’s one of these.” He said exposing a hatch on his shoulder as a bazooka like weapon appeared. Followed by a powerful blue and green ray from it hurling the arachnochimp high and back. Reverting him back to Ben as he hit the pavement. “And yes, they hurt. A lot.”

“Ugh, you’re telling me.” Ben said rubbing his head.

“Tennyson! I know you used to turn into one of them. So use that knowledge and defeat that thing!” Azmuth scolded the earth boy.

“Hey, if your stupid thing would work I’d be crushing him as Humungousaur right now!”

“When have you ever known brute strength to win against a Mechamorph?” Azmuth scolded, “Think Ben, there was something you should never touch when you’re made of living metal.”

“Oh yeah…” Ben said suddenly putting together what the old Galvan meant. He turned the dial until the alien needed was presented and slammed it down. Ben’s body once again changed shape. This time he became a blue jellyfish-like creature with overlapping layers and various lightning bolt designs across his body. “AMPfibian!” The new form yelled out.

“An Amperi? This is not good…” Hackah said seeing the electrical jellyfish.

“You know it.” AMPfibian said. He electrified his tentacles and like a whip sent them flying at Hackah causing him to yell out in pain as they struck him. “See, it’s been so long since I used Upgrade I forgot how much lightning hurts when you’re made of living metal. But now that I remember that, I’ll give you a chance to leave and avoid just a world of hurt.”

“No, I will not fail this mission. I will not disappoint the master!” Hackah yelled out firing off several lasers blasts and missiles. AMPfibian avoided them all by entering his intangible state. Followed by a favorite combo of passing through him, delivering a huge shock to the Mechamorph’s systems. The battle upped alien fell to the ground, still holding the mech-like form.

“Last chance. Surrender and leave, or I’ll just shock you more.”

“And I told you, I’ll never fail the master!” He shouted back actually getting up and grabbing AMPfibian.

“You and me both know that was a HUGE mistake.” AMPfibian said releasing stored up power directly into the foe, slowly shrinking him back down to his normal size and shape. “Well, guess you can’t really fight back now huh?”

Hackah looked up, struggling to keep his form even partly solid. He shifted his hand into a communication device. “Hackah, requesting Molecular Transport. My mission…has failed.”

“Guys, we have to grab him, NOW!” Kevin yelled rushing up to him. But he was cut off by a swirling white mass of just pure energy.

“To slow Osmosian…to slow.” Hackah chuckled as he slowly began to evaporate away until there was nothing left.

“Um…what just happened?” AMPfibian asked returning to Ben.

“Molecular transport.” Kevin said, “Literally takes you apart into a cloud of molecules. Then pulls them through a fold of space time. Untouchable, untraceable. The perfect evac system. And very, VERY hard to get your hands on.”

“You know your alien tech.” Azmuth said, “Which erases any doubts in my mind that his master is Argoth. That somehow he broke free of one of the most secure jails in the universe.”

“We better let Grampa know.” Gwen said, “I mean, if he’s planning to attack here…”

“YOU can let him know.” Azmuth said, “As for me I’m getting off this rock and back to Primus. He won’t be able to track me there. I’ll be safe.”

“And what about us? What about the person you have to keep safe?” Ben asked

“As long as that Omnitrix exists, they won’t dare hurt her. But Ben, until I have a way to save her and stop him, I need you to watch it for me.”

“Then, you trust me?”

“If only because I have little choice. Luckily I know where I can recover some technology to create a teleporter.” Azmuth said, “But letting the Plumbers known just how serious the situation is, but I have my own things to do.”

“Well be safe.” Gwen said, “We don’t know how many of these guys will be coming.”

“I didn’t get this old by being stupid.” Azmuth said, “I’ll see you guys again once I’m able to destroy that abomination of my invention.”

“So…where do you plan on getting enough alien tech to make a teleporter?” Kevin asked.

“If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on that kind of alien technology, I’m not telling.” Azmuth said, “Luckily, I can fire off a short range teleport. That way someone won’t be tempted to follow me.” Azmuth then disappeared in a flurry of white.

“Man, sometimes that guy can be a real jerk.” Ben said. “But come on, we should probably tell Grampa what’s going on.”

Max’s Plumbing…

A small plumbing shop. Nothing unusual about it. Except for maybe the complete lack of customers.

“Glad it’s empty.” Ben said, “makes this part seem a lot less weird.” The trio went into a bathroom with an ‘out of order’ sign on it. Kevin instantly held his own nose.

“Man, does he HAVE to pump in the old bathroom smell?” Kevin complained.

“Helps with the illusion.” Ben said pulling the chain attached to the toilet activating the secret elevator down into the hidden plumber base.

“Don’t like how we have to get here, but gotta love all that is here.” Kevin said spotting the numerous plumbers going about their business. Before too long, they found an older heavyset gentleman with greying hair and a Hawaiian shirt.

“Hey kids!” Max said. “I had just managed to whip something up. Want some?”

“Sure what is it?” Gwen asked.

“Centurian Goulash.” Max responded before a tentacle popped out of the pot and began to thrash around. Max quickly pulled a blaster and zapped the tentacle back into the pot, “Guess it’s fresher than I thought.” He joked.

“Um…no thanks. I’m not hungry right now.” Ben said. “Hey um, Grandpa,  what do you know about a guy named Argoth?” Max seemed to freeze with that name.

“How did you learn about it?” Max asked, suddenly turning serious.

“Azmuth said that Argoth came after him. Made him build this.” Ben said showing him the Omnitrix made under distress. Max gave out a sigh.

“So it is true then…” He said, “Listen, Argoth is a serious threat. He destroyed 3 star systems before coming into our neck of the woods. A lot of plumbers where lost trying to contain him. We held him in a gravitational cell around a black hole. But somehow he reverse the polarity to make the cell pull him to the station. But, when the station was destroyed, and the cell wasn’t found, we assumed there was a miscommunication.”

“But now you know it’s real.” Kevin said. “Right now Azmuth is trying to put together enough alien tech to teleport himself back to Primus. Any idea where he could get that level of stuff here?”

“There’s one place. The Undertown. An alien shanty town that was built during the purge.” Max explained, “If there’s enough tech to teleport, it’s there. But while you’re here, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“That can wait grandpa.” Ben said, “I know just the guy to get directions from. And probably not the best idea to wait around.” The group headed for the exit in the hurry set by Ben.

“Ben wait!” Max shouted trying to get him to stop, “You probably should…” Max stopped when it was clear that neither Ben, Gwen, or Kevin where going to wait.

Baumann’s store…

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin approached the counter, empty save for a single figure eating there. “Hey Mr. Baumann, what do ya know?” Ben asked as they reached it.

“Oh, hello Ben.” He said not at all happy to see the teenager, “I don’t suppose you’re just here for the food.”

“Sorry, on official business.” Ben responded.

“Great, there goes my store…” Baumann said under his breath.

“Listen Mr. Baumann, we won’t trash your store.” Gwen said, fulfilling her role as voice of reason, “We just need to know if you know where something called the Undertown is.”

“I may or I may not.” He said, “The aliens living there are trying to keep off the radar. I’m not sure if it’s the best thing to tell you.”

“Listen, there are some guys looking for someone we think is there.” Kevin said, “And these guys blow things up first and ask questions later. It’s best if we find it before them. We can just wait here, and if a guy who lives there shows up, just give us a sign.”

“Okay, you can wait. Just don’t break anything and don’t draw attention to yourself.” Baumann responded.

“Alright, going stealth mode.” Ben said, “Let’s see…which of these guys should I pick, how about…you!” Ben said slamming down the Omnitrix. After the green flash, he stood as a broad-shouldered alien with patches of yellow armor, a white body, and several black markings around the armor even forming a pants-like pattern. The second Ben moved however, a stack of nearby cans came crashing down.

“Uhhh, sorry.” Cannonbolt said.

“Ben, Cannonbolt doesn’t exactly scream ‘stealth mode’.” Gwen said using her fingers to emphasis ‘stealth mode’, “Plus, we can’t exactly do that.”

“Plus like three guys recognized me already.” Kevin said earning a look from both Gwen and Cannonbolt, “You know, from totally legitimate business dealings.”

“Just, don’t break anything please.” Baumann pleaded. Cannonbolt attempted to sit on one of the stools, but his sheer weight caused it to collapse under him. Cannonbolt struggled a bit but got back up and bent two stools together to share his weight and stay from collapsing. Baumann simply face palmed and tried to continue working normally. Ben’s stomach began to growl. He looked over and saw that the other figure at the counter. Despite the fact he was only nursing the soup, he had what appeared to be a burger, mostly untouched.

“Hey, you gonna finish that?” Cannonbolt asked, judging the burger not being all that weird. Without protest the stranger slid his burger over to Cannonbolt.

“That will be about the only time that would work.” Gwen said.

“How about sending that drink this way?” Kevin chimed in, it getting sent along the counter too.

“Okay, maybe then too.” Gwen said. Before Ben could even take a bite, the doors burst open. A lanky alien with a black undersuit, red armored vest, glowing boots and gauntlets, a flat steel mask with blue glowing eyes, and a hood made of a scarf leaving two trails behind him. He was accompanied by a series of robotic allies that resembled saucers with long and large spider legs.

“Alright!” The what could almost be described as a space ninja shouted, “Listen up, I know someone in here knows the location of the Undertown. And my master wants it.” He approached the main counter and pulled a red katana with electricity traveling along the length of it. “You, getting all this alien cuisine can’t be easy on a planet such as this. So you must know where they all stay.”

“Listen I don’t want any trouble.” Mr. Baumann said.

“Shame. Some just found you.” The space ninja, “Unless you tell me where the Undertown is.”

“Hey buddy, the guy said he doesn’t want any trouble.” Cannonbolt said, “So why don’t you just back off.”

“Stay out of this Arburian Pelarota.” He retorted, “Unless you want to join your species.”

“Ben please just do what he says. I can’t take another fight here.” Baumann pleaded.

“Don’t worry, we got this.” Cannonbolt said, “Listen buddy, the man said he didn’t want trouble. So why don’t you just turn around and walk out.”

“Or what? You’ll force me out?”

“And if I say yes?” The ninja-like alien struck at the ground in front of him. “Okay. Guess we do have to do this the hard way.” Cannonbolt rolled himself into a ball and headed straight for the enemy, who effortlessly jumped over the rolling alien, making him crash into a series of shelves.

“Not again…” Mr. Baumann rolled.

“We’ll clean that up.” Gwen said.

“Yeah, yeah, I hear that all the time.”

“Droids, battle formation!” The space ninja yelled as the droids moved forward. Blasters and small missile launchers appeared and opened fire with lasers.

“Contego!” Gwen yelled creating a large shield of mana to protect her, Kevin, and the counter. “Kevin, I think it’s time to armor up.”

“Got ya.” Kevin said grabbing a stool’s metal pole and coated himself in the same kind of metal. Gwen lowered the shield before tossing a few orbs of Mana at the droids, barely hurting them but causing slight damage.

Kevin charged at them, jumping up and bringing both fists down on the top of a droid slamming it into the ground. Meanwhile, Ben had managed to get back to his feet, and once again began to roll at the enemies. This time rather than dodging the oncoming ball of destruction, he caught the ball against the side of his katana.

“Give it up.” The ninja retorted, holding the still spinning ball in place against the sword, “We’re getting that information.” He swung the sword, tossing Cannonbolt back. The droids continued to fire, Gwen having re-raised the shield to hold off the blasts. The stranger just continued to eat, at one point using the spoon to deflect a stray laser blast back at the droid who fired it.

“This fight is killing my store!” Baumann said hiding behind the counter, “Can’t you finish it sooner? Call in some back up or something?”

“We have this under control!” Kevin said holding on to one of the droid’s legs as it swung him around, trying to shake him off. “Although, some back up would be nice.” On this note, the stranger leapt into action, tossing off his cloak.

Under the garment was a man in his early 20’s with a cat-like appearance, periwinkle fur, and white skin for his face, red eyes with white irises. He was wearing a blue and black armor with a strange looking tool mounted on his left shoulder.

Instantly this new alien grabbed the device, revealing it to be some kind of gun and opened fire, taking down the drones, before firing off a shot that transformed into an energy net, ensnaring the alien ninja.

“Whoa.” Kevin said, “Wasn’t entirely serious, but thanks for the help.”

“Who are you?” Gwen asked.

“My apologizes, my name is Rook Blanco, I am to be the newest member of your team.” The alien answered.

“A new teammate?” Ben asked, “I don’t know, we kind of have everything under control.”

“Magister Tennyson assigned me to your team.” Rook responded.

“Grandpa Max assigned you to us?” Ben asked, “Well then, I guess welcome aboard. I’m Ben, this is my Cousin Gwen, and this is Kevin.”

“I know who you are.” Rook said, “I am greatly honored to join your team.”

“Yeah well I do wield the Omnitrix. Saved the universe like a hundred times.” Ben boasted.

“And he’s incredibly humble.” Gwen added.

“I am aware. Your adventures are required reading at the plumber academy.”

“No way, there’s a whole class about me?” Ben asked hopeful.

“Actually it’s just a chapter and a half.” Rook stated.

“Oh. Well, I guess it’s better than nothing.”

“Careful Ben, much bigger of a head and I’m worried it’ll pop.” Kevin joked. “By the way, where’d you get that cool piece of tech?”

“This is the Proto-tool, the single most versatile piece of technology in the known universe.” Rook explained. “Of course I made a few modifications to it of my own.”

“No way? That’s a real Proto-tool? Man I never thought I’d see one.” Kevin said, “And you made some of your own modifications? Man that’s impressive.”

While the group was discussing the new alien’s joining of the group, the alien ninja had managed to force his katana into the net, slicing it open.

“Another player on the field won’t change a thing.” He said, “I’ll still annihilate you and everyone here.” A loud beep came through the air and the  ninja activated a communicator on his wrist.

“Nazak. Change in plans.” The voice on it said, “The location of the Undertown has been found. Return to the ship.”

“Understood.” Nazak said, “Request permission for a cleanup charge.”

“Permission given. Transporting.” Just like that, a bomb seemed to materialize before them. It activated, shielding itself with a dome of red energy.

“Well it’s been fun.” Nazak said sheathing his katana. “But I’m afraid that this is the last time we’ll see each other. So long. Forever.” He activated a button on his wrist and disappeared in a similar manner to Hackah.

“Everyone stand back. I got this.” Cannonbolt said starting to roll straight at it. Before being bounced away by the shield. On his return trip, the Omnitrix began to let out a beep and in a flash of red, the normal Ben Tennyson rolled on the ground a bit. “Okay, I don’t got this.”

Gwen encased both her hands in mana and hurled the orbs at the bomb, but like Cannonbolt, the projectiles where reflected off the shield surface. “No good, my mana isn’t hurting it at all.”

“My turn.” Kevin said cracking his steel laced knuckles before swelling the fists. The Osmosian-hybrid charged it and threw a series of extra powerful punches, the shield holding them all off. “And I’m out. New guy, think you can take this?”

“As I said, my name is Rook, but I’m sure I can do something.” He took the Proto-tool and activated a scanner function. “Level 10 tech, this will be a bit of a challenge.” A light chime was heard.

“Oh cool the Omnitrix is back up. Don’t worry, THIS time I’ll take care of it.” Ben said slamming down the dial. Once again the hero transformed. This time he transformed into a humanoid alien with a black back and green front. Numerous green lines resembling circuitry ran across the back and the black formed a stripe down his front that then split to the two hips. “Upgrade? Seriously? Azmuth if we survive this you and me are going to have a serious talk.” Ben attempted to merge with the bomb, but the shield zapped the parts of him he tried to pass through it. Trying a backup plan, he fired his eye laser, but the shield again managed to hold him off.

“Uh, Ben.” Gwen asked a little concerned.

“Little busy here.” Upgrade said still firing his eye laser. Another laser burst cut through the air, revealing the drones where not yet defeated.

“Well at least Upgrade can be useful here. Rook, tag out.” Rook just gave Upgrade a confused look, “It means switch places.” Rook nodded going back to trying to disarm the bomb. Meanwhile Upgrade stretched out and melded to one of the drones, opening fire with its laser against the rest of the group.

The battle continued, the drone Upgrade had taken control of suffering damage forcing him to abort control of it and switch to another. “Rook, how is it going with the bomb?”

“I’m afraid not well Mr. Tennyson.” Rook said, “The shield is controlled through a randomly encrypted algorithm. If I could figure out the pattern I’m sure I could crack it. But that would take longer than we have.”

“Okay then, what’s plan B?” Ben asked, the drone being destroyed forcing him to switch control to another one. Rook’s answer came in the form of loading a missile into the Proto-tool and blowing a hole in one of the walls.

“What are you doing?” Mr. Baumann asked panicking.

“We have to move the bomb to an empty area so it can detonate safely.” Rook said.

“On it.” Kevin said managing to pick it up by the shield. “Man, this thing is a lot heavier than it looks.”

“Wait, I think I have a plan.” Upgrade said disconnecting from the drone and forming back into his normal form before hitting the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. When the flash that came cleared he stood as a small gremlin-like creature with a white body suit, black mask, black fingerless glove, black toeless boots and a pair of goggles on his forehead.

“Break! Break! Break!” Jury Rigg yelled dashing all around the remains of the various drones taking them apart.

“Was that really the best choice here?” Kevin asked seeing Jury Rigg seem to ignore the bomb in full.

“Fix! Fix! Fix!” Jury Rigg swapped gears, now putting the parts together. Before too long a catapult-like tank began to form. It came right at the bomb, forcing the team to scatter. The device grabbed the bomb and prepared to toss it.

“Wait!” Rook said keeping Jury Rigg from pulling the lever to toss the bomb. Rook began to look through the Proto-tool, again in a different formation.

“What are you doing?” Gwen asked.

“It needs an empty area.” He said. “There! That building, it’s safe!” Jury Rigg gave a laugh and pulled the lever tossing the bomb into the abandoned warehouse before it detonated. Jury Rigg switched back to Ben after the catapult tank fell back apart.

“Okay, maybe that was the right alien for the job.” Kevin said.

“Yes, that was a most brilliant plan Mr. Tennyson.”

“Just call me Ben dude.” Ben said.

“Very well Ben dude.” Rook said taking the figure of speech literally.

“Great, this again.” Ben moaned. Mr. Baumann finally came out from behind the counter.

“Okay, I’ll tell you where Undertown is.” He said.

“really?” Ben asked, “Just like that? What changed your  mind?”

“Because of what happened to my store!” He shouted, the group looked around, seeing the total destruction caused by the fight, “I just want it over. Here, this map will show you where to find its entrance, now please, just leave and don’t do anymore damage to my store.”

“Well thanks.” Ben said taking the map. “Well, at least this is where Azmuth probably is.”

“Not to mention it seems that that man’s master had figured out where it was as well.” Rook said, “We should probably hurry. I don’t want to think about what could happen if they beat us there.”

“Wish we knew if that Nazak guy is working for the same guy Hackah was.” Gwen said.

“Well he used a molecular extraction. So I would say there’s a good chance at it.” Kevin said. “So I have to agree with Rook. We gotta hurry. I’m worried about what those guys could do to a shanty town.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll come to take on a defenseless town, but when they get there, they’ll find that it’ll be a bit more defended than they thought.” Ben said waving the map.
Ben 10 Alien Vanguard: It Begins Again Part 1
The start of an alternate timeline to Ben 10: Omniverse. You'll see a lot of changes. Very little in common with Omniverse. But to be fair, Omniverse had very little saving factors to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this whole knew alien based adventure.
I know it seems odd to post a journal now telling you to ignore the last one. And I do believe a lot of what I wrote in it, but don't see it as a need to deal with it. I have lost a lot of friends just because of them getting jobs and suddenly I don't matter to them anymore. Or they got girlfriends and suddenly I don't matter anymore. I've just been dealing with some pretty damn strong emotional issues right now and my mood can go 180 like that. So, sorry if I'm trying to cram my troubles down your throat. Just pretend I didn't post it if possible.
For everything, and I mean everything I have ever done to all of you. To all those who won't see this I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. I write this journal hoping that if the universe can see in writing how very sorry I am for everything I have done, it will forgive me and allow me to be happy again. I will confess to anything I did if needed. Just say the word and I'll list everything I ever did that I'm sorry for. I just can't lose any friends. It's so hard for me to make friends. And seemingly so easy to lose them. I just can't stand to lose anymore. I don't know if I can take it.
I'm sorry for being an ass, sorry for saying I'm bitter, sorry for making anyone feel they should avoid me. Things have not been well for me lately people. I've been layed off after just 2 weeks of work. Someone else made a mistake, and I'm the one who lost my job over. then of course my sister was coming home from New Mexico. Not to mention I can't post what I want on Facebook anymore with my dad censoring me. Everything keeps being taken from me and I just kept lashing out. I just hope you guys forgive me for all the bitter or desperate attitude I've been putting out there. I just want friends back. Feel like I matter.
Well it happened. Here that universe! You win! You've taken fucking everything from me! I have nothing left! YOU FUCKING WIN! I have nothing left, no girlfriend, no job, and clearly I don't register to by 'best friends' any more. You know who you are, and you better read this. Because I'm done being nice. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but friends are suppose to be there for each other. I'm tired of being treated like I don't matter by my friends, the only people who actually treat me like I  matter.

And none of you act surprised by this. No one ever responds to anything I post. Not a single comment, not a single responce, nothing. You all just treat everyone who checks your accounts like some kind of currency, instead of people who are trying to make you feel good.

So to summarize, I figured it out. There is no such thing as a happy ending, no such thing as friends, no such thing as people who care about you.


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Curtis Rogahn
United States
I know it seems odd to post a journal now telling you to ignore the last one. And I do believe a lot of what I wrote in it, but don't see it as a need to deal with it. I have lost a lot of friends just because of them getting jobs and suddenly I don't matter to them anymore. Or they got girlfriends and suddenly I don't matter anymore. I've just been dealing with some pretty damn strong emotional issues right now and my mood can go 180 like that. So, sorry if I'm trying to cram my troubles down your throat. Just pretend I didn't post it if possible.

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